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RainMusic.com (aka Midnight Rain Productions) is owned an operated by David Nevue, pianist and composer, author or How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet, and the founder of The Music Biz Academy and Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio.

Pianist David Nevue 

The Founder of RainMusic.com
Pianist David Nevue
Photo taken 1997

David has been selling his music on the Internet since 1995. He quit his day job in 2001 and has been doing music full-time ever since. Read about his success at PromoteYourMusic.com

RainMusic.com was the first site David setup to market his music back in 1995. From 1995 to 1999, RainMusic.com was David's central "hub" of operation for online music promotion. In mid 1999, however, David created other web sites to better focus his promotion efforts in each of their particular marketing segments. So what you see here as a "web site" is really more of just a "footprint" left over from days past.

David is of course, still extremely active on the Internet promoting his music. In fact, he promotes his music online full time now, having quit his "day job" back in 2001.

If you want, you can read David's comments on doing music full time.

Here are some links to David's most active sites...

David's "Official" Web Sites
[ DavidNevue.com
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Internet Radio

David on Pandora Radio
[ Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio

Music Promotion on the Internet...
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